Barrett Electric CONTINUES to be your alternative source for ALL discounted parts and free phone support for Grafix Equipment.

In the middle of May 2002, with the closing of the doors of Grafix North America came an opportunity for Barrett Electric to broaden it's involvement in the printing industry.

Although this is a new area for us here at Barrett, we have employed several former employees from Grafix North America with years of  Grafix experience.

This new venture brought with it some familiar people. Bruce Nejdl had been with Grafix NA.. the heart and soul of the service department. If you did business with Grafix, then you had to talk to Bruce.

Another major addition to the Barrett Team has to be Geoff Park. Geoff has over 16 years with Baker Perkins/ Goss, 2 years with WPM and 1 year with Grafix North America, all as Customer Service Manager.

Geoff  has been named as Director of Operations and will over see the new and long awaited Project Manager position of complete turnkeys for the printing industry.

Founded as a full service electrical contractor, BARRETT ELECTRIC is ready to tackle any job you might have! Whether its a simple installation of an electrical outlet or the full electrical installation of a web printing press- we have the experience to satisfy your needs!

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BARRETT ELECTRIC prides itself on being a Full-Service Electrical Company. We can satisfy any of your needs! However, we specialize in the Full Electrical Installation and Setup of Web Printing Presses!

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